Woodbury Wines joins the 2020 Festival

Woodberry Wine is a Michigan distributor of exceptional, high value wines from both the United States and around the world due to a partnership with Kindred Vines Import Company.

Their focus is based on three important principles and methods of doing business, most important being the portfolio itself, followed by expertise and exemplary customer service.

The portfolio is built on the highest standards of quality and value, which is backed by the rigorous testing standards of their expert staff. Expertise has been earned through hard work and a fundamental passion for wine. As a result of having an outstanding portfolio and an expert staff, they demonstrate a company-wide commitment to doing everything right the first time with an individualized attention to customer service.

A Global Portfolio

Woodberry Wine truly has a global portfolio, representing all major wine growing regions of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel and the United States. Each producer and wine is brought in for a specific reason, and to play a certain role. They are proud of our Old World roots, while at the same time working tirelessly to enhance New World and Domestic selections.

Know Your Wines. Know Your Partners.

Woodberry's expert staff makes it their priority to stay on top of everything wine. Each selection in their portfolio is chosen by an experienced panel of Sommeliers, with no pressure or influence from external sources. They have the knowledge and flexibility to keep up with current trends in wine while at the same time respecting their historical portfolio.

Woodberry is proud to say that most of their sales staff has achieved Sommelier status, but regardless of title, all are constantly learning and growing in order to best serve customers. Each member of the Woodberry team brings with them a wealth of information, experience, personality and style, which allows them to be a well-rounded, resourceful, and dare we say, fun group to associate with.

Visit Woodberry Wines today at: https://www.woodberrywine.com/

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