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Northville FWF Grand Tasting Sells Out

The Northville Food & Wine Festival is pleased to announce that our 2019 Grand Tasting Event to be held in Downtown Northville of Saturday September 7th, has officially SOLD OUT.

We have had an overwhelming response to the 2019 Grand Tasting Event, and have sold all remaining tickets to the event. But dont worry, we have reserved a limited number of tickets to the event if you select the Grand Tasting plus Downtown Yoga Event.

The Grand Tasting Event will feature 12 hand-selected award-winning wines from all around the world for guests to taste. Once each attendee has tasted all 12 wines, we will ask you to vote on who you think is the best wine from the selection provided.

The wine that received the most number of votes will be designated as the 2019 Northville Food & Wine Grand Tasting Winner.

Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get your tickets today, before we sell out.