Downtown Northville's "North Center Brewing Co." signs on as a beer vendor for 2021.

The Northville Food & Wine Festival is pleased to announce the return of Northville's own North Center Brewing Co. as one of our brewers for this years festival.

Based on North Center Brewing Company's (NCBC) resounding success and at the request of many who attended the 2019 Northville Food & Wine Festival, we are proud to announce our partnership again with NCBC to provide guests with a variety of beer alternatives to the wine tastings taking place on Saturday, August 14th, 2021 in Northville.

North Center Brewing Company creates the ultimate craft beer experience through the consistency of great products that are blended with the finest ingredients that the State of Michigan has to offer.  With an understanding that each and every customer has different tastes and perspectives on what represents a good beer, they let the customer decide based on one simple rule:


North Center Brewing Company opened its doors in April 2015 - ready and eager to serve the broader Northville community. Over the years NCBC has continued to develop strong relationships with local businesses, citizens, and charitable organizations, all whilst maintaining a genuine commitment to unsurpassed product and service quality.

Recently, NCBC has taken that commitment one-step further with the inclusion of a commercial kitchen that delivers a variety of tasty treats to compliment the core brewing portfolio and seasonal varieties.

We look forward once again to NCBC developing some unique flavorful beers for the 2021 Northville Food & Wine Festival.

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