Fetzer Vineyards commits to 2020 Festival!

Pioneering Roots

Fifty years ago, the California wine industry was just getting started. The rest of the world hadn’t yet heard of Mendocino County, but Barney Fetzer knew he’d found an extraordinary place to grow wine grapes. An early pioneer of sustainable farming, he helped shape the quality and environmental consciousness of California wine. Beyond what’s in the glass, our Valley Oaks Food and Wine Center was a vital locale for more than 20 years, catalyzing the farm to-table movement before it became a widely valued ethos.

Forging Ahead

From humble roots, Fetzer built a legacy of classic American wines rooted in a deep commitment to the land. Over five decades, Fetzer has grown to source fruit from talented growers across California’s most revered regions, yet remains dedicated to the vineyards, people and vibrant community life of Mendocino County.

One thing hasn’t changed in 50 years: Fetzer wines are mindfully crafted to be balanced and flavorful.

Business as a Force for Good

Every day, Fetzer is committed to working in ways that are better for the environment, better for communities and better for workers. As the largest Certified B Corp winery in the world, they live and breathe social and environmental responsibility in everything we do—from vine to bottle.

Fetzer is proud to be part of this B Corp community alongside companies like Patagonia and Cabot Creamery, who share our commitment to turning business into a force for good.

  • GREEN ENERGY We’ve publicly reported our greenhouse gas emissions to the Climate Registry since 2005 — before any other winery in the world. Because they believe in transparency and accountability. Through sustainable farming practices, Fetzer eliminated the need for synthetic, fossil fuel-based chemicals in our vineyards. That means a much smaller carbon footprint.

  • REUSE & RECYCLE You don’t become the first TRUE Zero Waste certified winery in the world by accident. It takes steadfast commitment and incredible teamwork. And Fetzer is not stopping there. We’re striving for near–perfection with a target of 99.9% waste diversion by 2020. That means keeping virtually every material used out of the world’s landfills.

  • EVERY DROP MATTERS Fetzer knows they can’t afford to waste a single drop of water. That’s why we’ve invested in advanced water metering technology that quickly pinpoints leaks and water waste in real time. Fetzer treats their process water naturally, with the help of worms and microbes, saving up to a million kilowatt hours of electricity use annually — equivalent to the amount needed to power over 1,100 U.S. homes for a year.

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