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Downtown Northville Food & Wine Festival Yoga Event is a GO!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019


MI Yoga Room Certified Yoga Instructor, CycleBar CycleStar, Fit Pro, CoFounder of NamaChic, CEO, Chief Blogger, Influencer

The Northville Food & Wine Festival Management Team is pleased to announce our partnership with yoga instructor and Northville-native, Nicole Yoder from the MI Yoga Room and CycleBar Northville to host an exclusive yoga session in Town Center on September 7th, 2019, prior to the launch of the festival.

Nicole has actively participated in both the Plymouth and Northville Yoga Rooms since 2015. She’s been teaching various forms of fitness since she was 18, and her first aerobics class being when she was in 3rd grade after school with her mom and a bunch of other teachers. Nicole is the CEO of her home and family. If she’s not on a bike, or a mat, or making a playlist, she’s hustlin’.

She received her yoga certification in 2006 and immediately began teaching, having come to the realization that through her yoga practice and teachings, she could actually live the life she’s always wanted - and that’s what she works toward each and everyday.

Nicole's teachings are guided by her desire to share with others, easy, relatable ways to look at ups, downs, challenges, and life in general through their time on their mat.

She has a life-long dedication and ability to connect with others through her experiences and situations in a way that incorporates humor, love, laughter, intention and breath. This has been the foundation for her business NamaChic - an online resource, website, blog, and community that will serve as your “go to” brand for day-to-day advice, insight, commonality, laughter, relatability, and expression of your inner voice.

Tickets for the festival and yoga session are NOW ON SALE, and will be limited by the capacity of the Town Center Square.