BANFI Wines commits to the 2020 Northville Food & Wine Festival

The 2020 Northville Food and Wine Festival is pleased to announce a new vintner to the 2020 festival: BANFI VINTNERS.

Banfi is a private concern, founded in New York in 1919 by John Mariani, Sr.and today owned and operated by his grandchildren. The company is focused on the production and import of wine.

Banfi Vintners

Banfi Vintners is the sole U.S. importer of the Mariani family’s internationally renowned wine estates in Italy — Castello Banfi of Montalcino, Tuscany, and Banfi Piemonte of Strevi, Piedmont — as the exclusive agent for the family’s domestic properties from the Northwest: Pacific Rim, Rainstorm, Silver Totem, and Sweet Bliss. Banfi also imports the wines of several other producers, including category leaders Florio,  Placido, and Sartori from Italy, Emiliana from Chile, Wisdom & Warter Sherries from Spain and Stone’s Ginger wine from England. The company has ranked as one of North America’s leading wine importers for more than three decades.


When he established the company on Spring Street in the heart of New York’s Little Italy, John Mariani, Sr. named the company after an aunt, Teodolinda Banfi, a woman of eclectic tastes who supervised his early education and greatly influenced his views toward fine wines. Until her retirement, she had served as head of the household staff of the late Pope Pius XI, and is distinguished as the first lay person ever to hold that post.

Giving Back

Banfi’s success has enabled the company to play a broad philanthropic role through the Banfi Foundation. The Foundation provided seed money to help Catholic Relief Services build a technical school and an orphanage as well as an 800-unit housing project in Potenza, Italy, where thousands were left homeless after a devastating earthquake in the early 1980s. It also generously endows select charities and universities around the world, and sponsors annual scholastic tours to study the food and wine culture of Italy.

Family Leadership

Banfi is led today by the founder’s granddaughterCristina Mariani-May, who is president and CEO. Her father, Chairman EmeritusDr. John F. Mariani, continues as active counsel to the executive committee and is a member of the firm’s advisory board.Banfi’s world headquarters is a 60-room Elizabethan manorlocated on a 127-acre estate and vineyard in Old Brookville, New York.

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