The 2021 Northville Food & Wine Festival has once again attracted some of the region's finest culinary artists from award-winning restaurants and hospitality venues. 

This year's festival will launch the first-ever "Live Chef-Challenge" event at Ford Field in Downtown Northville, offering an exciting and interactive cooking display throughout Saturday's festival.  


Chef Salvatore Monteleone


Executive Chef | 160 Main | Northville, MI


"True Italian food isn't supposed to be complicated"...


Cousins Brian Maiorana and Chef Salvatore are the owners of Sapori Italian Restaurant in Washington, Michigan and 160 Main in Northville, Michigan. Both opened with one simple idea - to create a comfortable dining environment where families can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.


Monteleone quickly earned a reputation for seeking out the best local produce from area farms (often making trips to local farmer's markets himself) and creating inspired dishes with a genuine Italian flare. The use of simple, natural ingredients, infused with fresh flavors complement each other to help guests experience true Italian cuisine.


Monteleone also has a strong seafood affiliation (due to his upbringing near the Mediterranean coast) which often results in an exploration of unique ingredient pairings and seasonal menu creations, which we are anticipating will delight attendees at the 2021 Northville Food & Wine Festival. 


Chef Zachary Berg


Chef & Co-Owner | Mongers' Provisions | Ferndale, MI

Mongers' Provisions

Mongers' Provisions was founded in 2017 by Zach Berg and William Werner, and in 2018 their second store was opened at 4240 Cass, between Willis and Canfield, selling a rotating selection of domestic and imported cheeses as well as globally sourced chocolate and charcuterie.


Berg, began his culinary journey to cheese mongering with a kosher catering gig at the ripe old age of 13 washing dishes and unloading food trucks as Detroit hosted the 1998 Maccabi Games. From meeting his now business partner at Tamarack Camps, to teaching kosher cooking to Monday Night School students, Zach Berg has taken his passion for food and his Jewish roots with him all over the world. 

Zach went to the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, where he was the President of the Student Wine Club, a role that involved venturing out for wine tastings every Saturday for 40 weeks. He also delivered cheese to the famous French Laundry, working for Soyoung of Andante Dairy, which is why he is one of only about 10 shops in the country sells her cheese.


Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.40.18 AM.png


Chef & Co-Owner | Farm Field Table | Detroit, MI

For Mike and his co-owner — and twin brother — Matt, sourcing high-quality meats means buying from local farmers who allow their animals to graze, socialize and generally live the kind of life they’re meant to live. This practice has made Farm Field Table a hit with some of Metro Detroit’s hottest restaurants (customers have included Selden Standard, Chartreuse and Voyager) as well as home cooks. 

The Romines, who are 31, opened Farm Field Table in 2016 to fill a need they were experiencing as restaurateurs (at the time, they owned an eatery called The Mulefoot Gastropub — named after a breed of pig — in Imlay City, Michigan). “When we opened our restaurant, you couldn’t buy the kind of proteins we wanted, namely meat from pasture-raised, heritage breeds,” says Matt.

While there are butchers aplenty in Metro Detroit, the brothers’ shop, which has a long, narrow retail area and a butchering area that’s off-limits to customers, is the only one that focuses exclusively on whole animals that have been raised on pasture — i.e., not in confined, crowded areas like their conventional counterparts. Aside from offering standard and custom cuts of beef, chicken, pork and lamb, they dry-age their own beef and cure and smoke their own bacon. “We come from a family of hunters who were always butchering things,” says Matt.


Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.37.50 AM.png


Executive Pastry Chef | Boho Bake House | Detroit, MI

Jessica is a pastry chef who got her start in the kitchen cooking with her grandmothers. After attending culinary school straight out of high school, Jessica interned at Disney World, working at park restaurants, and has since been serving her creative masterpieces across her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

In 2017, Jessica finished as runner-up on the Food Channel's "Chopped: Alton's Challenge" over a five (5) episode tournament where Alton demonstrated the science behind smoking foods, and contestants were encouraged to infuse their dishes with a smoky flavor.

As an icon in the Detroit Restaurant scene, Jessica has spent time in the kitchen at several local top restaurants throughout the city, including stints as the Pastry Chef at the award-winning "Grey Ghost" Restaurant, Executive Pastry Chef at Downtown Detroit's "Townhouse", and recently started her own side hustle, Boho Bake House, where she continues to serve up culinary masterpieces.


New Chef's being announced leading up to the festival!